Easy Gas Saving Tips

There are many ways to save money; one of the most rewarding is saving fuel. Below are some simple ways to change habits or behaviors while we drive that can really have an impact on our bottom line.
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Sleep Deprivation Could be as Risky for Drivers as Alcohol

October 2018: Our students are always shocked when we teach them how much a lack of sleep impairs brain function and driving ability. Check out this new study that provides even more evidence.
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What To Do After A Car Crash

After a crash many of us panic and can't remember what we are supposed to do. This story provides a great reminder as we prepare for the snowy days ahead. Drive Safe.
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How Will Self-Driving Vehicles Deal with Road Rage?

At Elite Driving School we work hard to teach our students to remain calm while driving, and how to respond if other drivers develop road rage. This article put on interesting twist on the topic - what if you aren't human?
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