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Minnesota’s Move Over Law

[video Move Over Law]


Minnesota has a law that many people ignore or do not know about. The Move Over Law has been in effect for many years, but it was expanded in 2009. Here is the law in its entirety


Basically the law states that when there is two or more lanes of traffic moving in the same direction, and there is an emergency vehicle (police, ambulance, tow truck, highway helper, etc) stopped on the side of the road, you are REQUIRED to move a lane away from the emergency vehicle. If you cannot move a lane away do to traffic, you must slow down.


Too many people are not slowing down and in a recent Star Tribune article,  explains Minnesota Troopers are increasingly becoming struck on the side of the road due to inattentive, distracted, impaired and speeding drivers. Please take heed of the law and give emergency personnel the room to do their job safely.


Safe driving.